Ano nga ba ang pag-ibig, mga kaibigan?
Kahit na ang isang taong may higit na karanasan,
Maaring ‘di ito tunay na maunawaan,
O maipaliwanag sa pinakamalinaw na paraan.

Ang pag-ibig ay tila k’wentong walang katapusan,
Isang bukas na aklat ng maraming karanasan,
Isang diksyunaryong maraming kahulugan,
Ngunit lahat tayo ay nakaramdam at naranasan.

Ang isang nagtapos na pag-iibigan, tulad ng kasaysayan,
Ay hindi na maibabalik kailanman;
Nagdulot man ito ng tamis at naging kanlungan,
Alaala na lamang ang maaaring balikan.

Kaya kung nagmamahalan sa kasalukuyan,
Damdamin ng isa’t isa’y pahalagahan;
Damhin ang bawat oras, puso ay pakaingatan,
Lalo’t tunay na pag-ibig ang nararamdaman.

H’wag mabahala, maulit man ang kasaysayan,
Bawat pag-ibig, may aral na kapupulutan;
Mga alaala’y tila aninong mananatili sa ‘ting katauhan,
Sa ating puso, kaluluwa at kaibuturan…

–Len Mindoro, ika-01 ng Pebrero 2019

Maligayang buwan ng PUSO at PAG-IBIG, mga mahal kong kaibigan!



“Love isn’t perfect. It isn’t a fairytale or a storybook, and it doesn’t always come easy. Love is overcoming obstacles, facing challenges, fighting to be together, holding on and never letting go. Love is work, but most of all, love is realizing that every hour, every minute, every second of it was worth it because you did it… together.” –Author Unknown. 

I’m not a love guru, I have my fair share of two failed relationships in the past, but I have colleagues who’d come to me for advice and this is what I always tell them: If one of you has not given up, there’s still a chance; but if both of you have already given up on each other, only then the relationship will end but NEVER the love that’s true. A part of us will always love or at least care for the other person no matter what happened, and we’ll realize it sooner or later. Have a wonderful week, my friends on mobile and in the World Wide Web! Drop weapons and let LOVE win. ❤

–Len Mindoro, 28 January 2019



bloomwhereyouareplanted“BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED”

One evening in 1988, almost 31 years ago… I was still a high school sophomore; dressed up in my usual blouse and below-the-knee skirt, my mom and her friends took me to a Bar and Restaurant somewhere in Cubao with them.  I remember the place was jam-packed, the lights were bright, and almost everyone there was drinking beer and alcohol. It was my first time to be in a place like that. It looked decent though.  I enjoyed listening to their band; they even sang “Live to Tell” by Madonna which I requested.  While my mom and her friends were talking and drinking; I had cake slices, fruit juices, spaghetti, ice cream, and all those “kiddie” meals. Suddenly, a waiter approached me and gave me this note written on tissue papers, which read:

“Miss Beautiful,
I am forced to write this note. I don’t have reservations. In short, I write this if only to impress upon you that there are places where you truly belong. I hope that you realize your assets. Bloom where you are planted. This means you have to excel in your field.

I hope that one day, you’ll succeed in your dreams. You are so simple, beautiful that you can capture any decent man. I suggest you study. It is only in schools where you meet good men. –Niel”

I asked the waiter who gave it; he said it’s from their regular customer he only named Atty. Niel who was then waving goodbye to me when I looked at where he was sitting and about to leave. He was smiling at me while I was looking at him in shock.

Mom said to just ignore it.  I was so young and shy then… It took me some time to figure out what Atty. Niel was trying to tell me in the letter. I wonder what was on his mind but I think I was misjudged and misinterpreted.  I wish I had the chance to explain. But I agree to “BLOOM WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED.”

Enjoy the weekend, my friends on mobile and in the World Wide Web!

Let’s all work on developing the right mentality; work on our tasks the hardest and make the most of each day with positivity so we all can… BLOOM! ❤


–Len Mindoro, January 2019




A Friend Like No Other - Final PosterWords of gratitude go to a friend,
Who is always there to listen and lend a hand.
I’m so grateful for the friendship I share,
With this rare kind of a friend I have like no other.

We may be different in so many ways,
But it’s our differences that can save my days.
Accepting me for who I am and who I’m not,
Understanding my imperfection and what I got.

Who would give you time with this busy life’s juggles,
Then we need to face our respective struggles?
Always filling my need for conversation,
Taking away my day’s frustration.

Whenever I feel lonesome and I could hardly bear,
This friend of mine although not aware,
Would call and send messages here and there,
Giving a dose of the needed warmth and care.

No matter how many miles away we are apart,
I know we are in each other’s hearts;
No matter where, the thoughts are there.
Our distance was never a barrier.

Like a broken guitar, filling and completing the strand;
Making life’s music more beautiful and grand.
Like the sound of a violin that may stop now and then;
But our strings of friendship, I know, will never end.

Our friendship is the sweetest memory I will forever keep;
Like the sunset ‘though falling tenderly, I shall not weep;
For tomorrow is another day when the sun will rise again;
I know you’ll always be there, my dearest friend.

Thank you for all the thoughtful things you do.
I hope someday I can make it up to you.
Please know that I wish you well and I always care,
And may God always keep us is in my daily prayer.

–Len Mindoro, November 2018


(Written by Len Mindoro for an Oral Communication class-STEM Strand, Academic Track)

Christmas is a day we’re all excited to celebrate;
Parties are everywhere, people would participate.
We all wait from Christmas Eve;
Until the next day He was born, and we all believe.

The birth of Jesus Christ is remembered through Christmas festivity.
But it seemed a lot of people are forgetting its nativity.
The annual celebration has all been spiced,
About the birth of child Jesus Christ.

While Santa Claus promotes the concept of giving gifts,
Let the children know who the true center of the season is.
It must forever be Jesus Christ, who was born to save us;
Born of the Virgin Mary who loves us.

And while extravagant decorations are all in sight,
Like tallest of Christmas trees that glow with lights.
There are also a number of gifts that come in different sizes,
But let’s not forget to live up to what Christmas symbolizes:

The Christmas Star in Bethlehem–
That guided the three wise men.
Like that star, let’s be a shining hope for humanity;
Or at least be a light to our respective family.

Let’s tie a Ribbon or a Bow around the gifts we give wholeheartedly;
Like how we should all be tied together in bonds of unity.
Let there be acts of goodwill during the holiday season,
Remember what Christmas is for and its wonderful reason.

Let’s be reminded that the Christmas Wreath–
Is a never-ending symbol of eternal love and rebirth;
Let’s put in mind the importance of giving and generosity,
And the strength in unity and gathering of family.

While Christmas is the season to be jolly,
Let’s not forget those who are truly needy.
It’s not what we receive;
But always what we can give.


That’s what CHRISTMAS is for.

–December 2018



Within the valley of despair,
Comes a life that is unfair;
No matter how good and kind you are,
People can still mistreat you by far.

Just hold on to people whose love is true.
Life is too short to feel so blue.
If you can’t get enough love from others that you deserve,
Double the love you give yourself.

Be busy with only important tasks to do.
Avoid the things that can add stress to you.
Continue doing good deeds, it can make you happy.
Think only good thoughts and be merry.

Most importantly,
When times get rough and no one seems to care,
Look around and pray; God is always there.

–Len Mindoro, October 2018


Hanggang Sa Huli - Final PosterAng mawalay sa iyo ay napakasakit,
Ngunit kailangang magpatuloy nang pilit.
Ikaw ay sadyang hulog sa akin ng langit,
Naging tibay sa mundong minsan ay malupit.

Patawad sa mga panahong ‘pinagkait,
At sa mga nangyaring nagdulot ng pait.
‘Di man madalas at minsan lamang nasambit,
Pag-ibig ay ‘di naglaho isa mang saglit.

Minsan mang nasaktan, ‘di nagtanim ng galit.
Dasal ko ang tagumpay ay laging makamit.
Nagkalayo man, sa isip ay ‘di nawaglit;
Ngunit tila matatakasan lang ng bait.

Ang buhay man ay muling malagay sa bingit,
Hanggang sa panahon ng tuluyang pagpikit,
‘Pagkat alaala sa puso’y nakaukit,
Pag-ibig ay dadalhin hanggang sumalangit…

–Len Mindoro, November 2016